“The bodily disposition of Nolan’s two young subjects in these large-scale portraits, couple with the absence of formal codifcations of portraiture, emphasises an awareness of how place and identity are intertwined. However, it is the audio piece of the adolescent girl – who relays her knowledge… that provides the most powerful evocation of place.”




‘Perhaps the very name Pettigo offers hope, derived as it is from a Latin translation of the Irish place-name, An Tearmann, Sanctuary. Perhaps this holy place with its Pagan and Christian associations, sitting just west of Lough Derg, offers the chance of a gap in the geopolitical cloth that is laid over our lives like a shroud. Perhaps. And, as my second reflection, then, perhaps at the border the intensity of interaction belies the geopolitical logic. Perhaps out of contact comes friendship as a gap along the very line of division, a welcome lacuna. Perhaps.’




‘Nolan links the external contours of the landscape with the inner, emotional worlds of the people who inhabit it. She manages to envisage the Border village and its setting as a kind of Tarkovskian Zone, that strange region of difference in his film Stalker. The Zone appears, to all intents and purposes, fairly ordinary, but is set apart from normality. People don’t go there.’ – Aidan Dunne


Such a great crowd for the artist’s talk and official launch of LACUNA at Gallery of Photography! Exhibition open till the 22nd October + more events coming up.

LACUNA is a cross-border touring exhibition organised by Gallery of Photography in partnership with Belfast Exposed Photography GalleryRegional Cultural Centre, Letterkenny and Remote Photo Festival, supported by the Arts Council Ireland and the Department of Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht