Monthly Archives: November 2011

Sample book and the cover papers. Now I need to choose which person goes with which colour…


 If I had turned this around and peeked through 4yrs ago I might have been unfortunate enough to see Bush rubbing elbows with Putin, Berlusconi or anyone of these great leaders…

Going through this forest and the many that surround Bad Doberan is like small fairytales. This kind gentleman waited next to my bike to make sure that whoever owned it was ok.

So I’ve learned living in a small town means people know who I am as soon as I open my mouth, if your wallet gets stolen they put an article in the newspaper, the next day an old man shows up to try to give you money and when you are given some wool for spinning the woman will send you a photo of herself and the sheep that supplied the wool!

A day in the countryside where we came upon the Rostock University xmas tree. The evening was spent with a traditional wool spinning group where I spun the wool of Margaret’s sheep Jacob badly while chatting and sipping on Gluhwein.

I have gone from being worried about having very few people interested in my walk to having at least one everyday. I’ve never worked on this scale of images and trying to represent many different stories and personalities. Also this project is about collaboration so I’m trying to work drawings, old photographs, blue prints etc. within the confines of small books. To give them some form of a unified look I’m creating very simple covers with title, name and black graphic image representative of the person/story. Got a lot of work to do!

Things are going quite slow trying to convince people to tell me their stories and bring me to locations. I think language of course is a big issue but today I spent the morning introducing myself to half of Bad Doberan! I made up these small flyers in German to explain myself and its resulted in Uta, the beautiful woman from the best bakery/cafe meeting me next weekend and a young man in the tattoo parlour putting my details on his facebook page. The language problem is concerning me because it means I’m only getting stories from people of a certain education or age. Tomorrow I meet with a young woman Julia who I’m hoping to convince to be my translator and come with me to convince people to participate…