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Neither video created for book pre-sales now up on Develop Photo.                                                        The DEVELOP Tube Photography Video Channel is an educational resource which features interviews, profiles, lectures and films about photojournalism, fine art and documentary photography.


We’ve all got an identity. You cant avoid it. Its whats left when you take everything else away.                – Diane Arbus

After working on the project for the last 4 years and talking about the book for the last year, Neither photobook is in pre-sales!

Neither (2009-2012)

The view of this faded garden explodes my mind and I get paralyzed, I have no clue how to move two legs, let alone a thousand. – Natasha

Neither is an exploration into the hearts of young women in Kaliningrad. The first generation to have grown up after the collapse of the Soviet Union, they look to define their identity in this small ‘island’ within Europe. The women I have been living with and sharing with have generously opened up their homes and their minds to allow me to better understand this link between place, identity and history.

This project that has been such a large part of my life over the last few years is now at its final stage. Having changed and grown with the support of many, I finally feel like I’m getting a chance to give a voice to the amazing women that I spent so much time with bringing me into their homes, telling me of their dreams and fears.