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Neither photobook is now in pre-sales

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Neither photobook is now in pre-sales

kal 012Walking through the outskirts of the city you arrive in certain areas that have stood still in time. The large houses of Konigsberg, the capital of east Prussia, oppose the soviet tower blocks just around the corner. The city was bombed heavily during 45′ and burnt for several days but these within these areas you get a glimpse at what was.

‘Even with the remains of the buildings, you could see it was a beautiful city before the war. The streets are paved with cobblestones and the green of the trees. I was overcome by a feeling of some kind of awe. It was a pity that such a beautiful city was destroyed. We climbed to the Royal Castle, it was destroyed but only the upper part. Everything was well maintained and even the ruins were surrounded by manicured shrubs. It was clear that before there were people who valued nature, its beauty and comfort.’ -Akhmatova Kopylova

Neither photobook is now in pre-sales

kal 018Fort No. 3 is one of 12 fortifications built around the capital Königsberg in the late 1800’s. When I went to visit, being hoisted over the wall by a group of children from the local orphanage, the place was abandoned but used that day as a wild playground. It was one of the last places of battle during the seize of the city in April 1945.