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Lovely review from the talented Jensine-Bethna Wall on Irish News Review today.

‘it is a closely woven tale somewhere between fact and fiction, documentation and dream.’

Neither Book_160913_0005






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Neither is an exploration, through image and text, into the dreams and fears of young women in Kaliningrad – a small isolated Russian enclave on the Baltic Sea. A closed region from its creation after the Second World War, then severed from the Motherland with the collapse of the Soviet Union, it has been left in the fragile position of being neither a part of ‘Big Russia’ nor truly a part of Europe. Countering this fragility is the strong women who have guided me through the stories of this region helping me understand the links between place, identity and history. 

This self-published photobook, designed by the Dutch designer -SYB- interweaves Kate’s images with the words – both historical and contemporary – of these women. Neither seeks not to answer questions, but rather to give a voice to the experiences of the women of Kaliningrad.

Released on the 5th September 2014 at the Gallery of Photography, Dublin, Neither is now available on her website for €34 plus shipping.