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WEB_VOP#14 cover

Larissa Leclair of the Indie Photobook Library choose Neither on her top photobook list of 2014 for Voice of Photography magazine, Taiwan.

Neither is an example of why I love self-publishing. You can define the book anyway you like. It has hints of Gomorrah Girl by Valerio Spado and Concresco by David Galjaard design in it. Nolan’s photobook begins reproductions of journals written by young women in Kaliningrad – a tiny and isolated Russian region on the Baltic Sea. They speak of dreams and fears. This same small booklet bound of the larger signature of photographs ends with past voices from women who were re-settled in the area in 1945 after the war. And in between we see beautiful, sullen photographs of the region split from a continuous narrative that runs along the bottom, “… He says he came up to me because I was smiling… How could I explain why I was smiling?…” There is a push-pull in the photographs and in the words of these women between this place and in looking for something beyond its grasp.’ -Larissa Leclair